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This is just my small piece of the internet displaying everything from family to friends to hobbies, and just a little bit of everything else. Enjoy!

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New Family Kitties

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Created 8-Mar-15
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New Family Kitties

Treasure Island 03-14-10

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Created 16-Mar-10
Modified 16-Mar-10
Treasure Island 03-14-10

Dad & Melba's Wedding Day 02-22-14

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Created 23-Feb-14
Modified 23-Feb-14
Dad & Melba's Wedding Day 02-22-14

"Other" Wedding Pix 02-22-14

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Created 24-Feb-14
Modified 24-Feb-14
"Other" Wedding Pix 02-22-14

Our Fiat 500 Abarths and Pop

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Created 21-Mar-15
Modified 21-Mar-15
Our Fiat 500 Abarths and Pop

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Everything Audio/Video

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Just Random

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Modeling Photos

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Sun N' Fun Air Shows

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